Honey-glazed Chicken

If asked what is the best meal we have prepared thus far, we would be torn between fried chicken and honey-glazed chicken. We found a great, simple recipe for making honey-glazed chicken on allrecipe.com which we will definitely use again.

But as I mentioned in my previous post, we usually make do with what we have so when making this particular meal, we used shichimi togarashi to replace the red pepper flakes and since we’re just students, we simply used vegetable oil instead of the more expensive olive oil. The measurements were cut down to make only as much as two people could eat, but other than that, we followed the recipe to the tee.

As for the rice, we tried making green tea rice but it did not turn out to be anything special. I shall strive to find a better simple recipe in the future. If you know any good green tea rice recipe, do leave a comment to let me know!


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