The White Sauce

Anyone who knows me would know that one of my most favourite food in the world is pasta. However, I had never made one myself until I came over to Japan because well, if you have an amazing cook as a mother, why bother, right?

So, needless to say I had no idea how very easy it was to make the white sauce (also known as bechamel)! Imagine my surprise and gratefulness because when you need to share a kitchen with three other people, you don’t really want to take up so much time in there. And hey, all you need are three ingredients! *insert excited girlish screams here*

I got the recipe from CJO who shared this brilliant recipe on .

I have made this a number of times, adding some different ingredients here and there, depending on what’s available and/ or what I felt like eating. The variations I have tried are:
a) plain
b) with fried aubergine on the side
c) with hard-boiled eggs and seaweed on the side
d) with mushrooms and capsicum
e) with three types of mushrooms
f) on crepe instead of pasta, sprinkled with spring onions

I have yet to make it with meat, but that is going to have to wait because we don’t exactly have the luxury to always put in meat in our cooking considering halal meat and even fish are rather expensive here. But we will one day, for sure!


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