Ueno on Midori no Hi

As mentioned in my previous post, we went to Ueno to visit the park after wandering around Akihabara. The park is huge, with a lot of museums, shrine, baseball courts and even zoo for people to visit.

Initially, when we went to the park, we saw a street performer around whom a lot of people were sitting and standing. His performance was interesting with a lot of comedic relief. What we found particularly amusing was the fact that his performance seemed to cater to both Japanese and non-Japanese, although it was all done in Japanese language because he adopted globally known stories such as Titanic and even Harry Potter to re-enact some scenes. We left when he was finished and began asking for tips (sorry, we’re only students!)…


There were a lot of people around but since the park was huge, it didn’t seem congested. We found a small shrine and the were a few stalls along the road leading to it. I thought those sorts of stalls are only open during summer in Japan, but I suppose, whenever there is an event, there would be those stalls, just like in Malaysia. The prices, though, unlike in Malaysia, are super duper expensive, especially if one converts to Ringgit (which is, unfortunately not doing so great at the moment). For example, the corn on the cob cost ¥500 which is about RM20. No Malaysians in their right minds would buy that.
By the way, corn on the cob in Bali, Indonesia with topping of your choice which was uber delicious and cost much, much cheaper.

So we just took photos.

I saw a kid at the fish-catching booth who was so determined about catching one that after failing to catch with his bare hands, he tried with the provided easy-to-tear tool that his father already used and made a hole of. Failing which, he grabbed the bowl (which you are to use to put in the captured fish) and began to try catching the fish with the bowl instead, which is a big no-no. His father kept telling him ‘No, you can’t do that. Let’s go’ while laughing because it was so funny how he was determined to catch the fish and not wanting to let go of the bowl.

After walking for a while, we had ice cream when we saw a long line at the soft ice cream stall. While eating, we saw some street performers either clearing up their stuff after a performance or setting up their stuff for performance later.

There was a board indicating that a certain type of flowers are blooming during a limited period of time, which included that day that we visited. We thought of going to see as I adore flowers as I have mentioned in my previous post, but due to the long queue and us being unsure if money would be needed to go through, we decided to skip it.

Not a fan of zoos, I was not willing to pay for the tickets but as we walked past, we noticed a huge sign indicating that entrance was free only on that day (yeay, Midori no Hi!) so we figured, we might as well. Needless to say the zoo was rather crowded, and some of the animals hardly made an appearance. The store selling all sorts of zoo-related items was also full of people although the prices were of course, on the high side.

We then decided to head home for the day. It was a very long tiring day of walking after all. I wouldn’t mind going to Ueno Park again as there are a lot that we haven’t discovered. Although maybe next time, I’d like to go during fall or the peak of spring.



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